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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Guest Posting over at My Insanity

I'm guest posting over at My Insanity today. Go check it out! (here)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week in the Life: Mon, Tues, Wed

Ok this project is harder than it sounds! I forget to take the camera with me or forget to use it most of the time and am continually behind on taking notes. Not only that but when I do remember it, it takes up a ton of time. Sheesh! I'm not exactly frustrated with the project or how it's going, just surprised that it's

Some things I'm learning
-I'm still drawn to taking just cute shots of the kids instead of documenting myself/my life as I go
-need to make LOTS more use of the self-timer
-need to get other people behind the camera
-need to concentrate on getting myself in the photos
-should have put more thought into how I would go about this and exactly what I wanted to capture
-need to work time into the day at regular say 2 hour intervals to document. I'm forgetting way too much of what goes on throughout the day
-part of what makes taking photos hard is that this week feels TOO NORMAL. Too boring. Next time I should try for one with more events? Or maybe just be content with taking photos of myself sitting on the couch reading lol
-*there is a huge learning curve for this sort of thing. The first time is a huge learning experience. I think I will still be glad I did it in the end but will just plan on "next time" working out so much better.

Some of my photos from Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday:
Monday morning: time to clean up and recover from the weekend
Monday = Laundry Day. I like this shot because not only does it capture Kaitlyn helping out, but the headphones, worn first thing in the morning is just so HER.
Beautiful weather and yard work
No he doesn't take naps. Unless he spontaneously falls asleep on his own.


Ty kept trying to use the camera at soccer. In this one he actually managed to get Katy in the frame. Most of them were photos of the ceiling or the floor lol. Not suprising since he would hold the camera up to his face but his eye was never actually looking through the view finder.
Wed morning: making breakfast. SO TYPICAL. Kaitlyn with her bed head taking over things and Ty crying because she's in the spot he wanted to be and afraid he won't get a turn to stir. I love that the kids like to help and especially that they are interested in cooking but the process is always an exercise in patience for me.

She's making a face because she's not always exactly happy that I'm taking her photo.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Card Night - April

Except we didn't make cards! With our card stashes fully stuffed right now we decided to switch gears and start branching out into other things. So this month we learned to make earrings. So fun!I did notice my perfectionism rearing it's head. Usually I can control it but I think I made at least 10 different mock ups before finally putting together the blue ones. Then I got crazy and first timer that I am, still decided to try my hand at the chandelier ones. I think they turned out well, considering. And it was fun to learn something new.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Week in the Life

I love photos. Absolutely LOVE photos. And I take a lot of them - usually. But lately I haven't and when I sit down to work on my personal blog I notice it. And it annoys me. So I've decided to participate in Ali Edwards' A Week in the Life, starting Monday. The point is to document your life for an entire week. Every. Single. Tiny. Thing.
I'm actually getting excited about it. I've been meaning to spend some more time honing my camera skills anyway (can we say upcoming dance photo shoot? yeah. not prepared!). And when I did Project 365 (taking a photo a day) last year I really did love the fact that it made me have the camera out and capturing the everyday stuff.
So wish me luck! I'm off to try to gather up a few envelopes (one for each day) for things like receipts, a notebook where I can jot things down each day, and make a list of things I definitely want to document along the way (routines, food, making a point of taking a photo of myself each day, etc). If this idea apeals to anyone and you decide to participate in this little activity as well, be sure to let me know!