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Monday, February 24, 2014

What a Difference a Day Makes

I was able to finish up a few smaller projects over the weekend and thought I'd share this one before February is over.  I've loved the idea of displaying some of the special dates in our lives and have pinned three or four versions in the last year or so.  And in the interest of my new goal to follow through on things, when I found that good sale on frames a few weeks ago I decided to go back and get one for this project.
The dates are:  the day we started dating (in Disney World), the day we got engaged, our wedding date, Kaitlyn's birthday, and Tyler's birthday.
 I got it to this point around Valentines Day and then it sat there.  It was just a little too plain with that white background and I wasn't sure what I wanted to use for the backing.

 But I was on a roll the other day at the craft store.  Not only did I find some scrapbook paper that I think works really well in the frame, but I also got a new clock kit so I could fix the clock (that I made a few years ago) that had quick keeping the correct time.  (yay for checking things off the list!)
So there we have the finished product.  I love it!  And the husband was pretty complimentary about it too (I think guys are just as sentimental as we are, they just won't admit it).
Any bets on how long it takes me to get it up on the wall in the bedroom?? ;)

Monday, February 17, 2014

One Little Word - February Prompts

In contrast to last month, it only took me a week to put together my One Little Word prompts for February.  Somehow though, it felt harder.  Maybe because we're getting past the exploring stage and into something more tangible and active?  I haven't felt as if I've kept my word as present in my mind this month either, though that's probably due in large part to how the month has gone, with our 2nd big snowstorm (remember, NC doesn't get snow so it shuts down life for days and days) and catching a nasty cold at the same time - not fun.  Which is why this post has sat unfinished in my drafts folder for the last 10 days. So before I get interrupted or distracted again...

The first part of our OLW prompts was a quick summary of what we thought of the last month.  I kept mine pretty simple by just printing out the journaling cards provided and putting them in the page protector.  The colors work pretty well with what I used for accents in the previous pages, so why not?
 By the end of the year I'll be a pro about not catching the glare off the page protectors in the photos.  Maybe?
One of the few places you will see my handwriting - at least on something I want to look good.  I've never been a fan of it and even in college when I had to practice it over and over for my drafting class it really didn't get any prettier.  I'm sure there's a lesson about my personality or something in there.  (or my family - my brother and sister both have very similar handwriting)  Doesn't really bother me - typing is much faster and easier most of the time.  But in this case it seemed like the best approach for having all the cards prepped and ready to fill out at the end of each month.
The second part of the workshop for February was to create Action Cards based on our intentions for living with our word this year.  It took me a few days to figure out how I wanted to interpret that.  I ended up with 8 for now, though I left some space to add a few more later if inspiration strikes.
One of the trends I've been noticing in my thought processes when I think about living my life with intention is how often I think about/crave the positive.  Quotes.  Blog articles.  Happy ideas.  Music.  Laughter.  It's all reaching out for me right now.  And I think that's reflected in my Action Cards.  They read:
1.  SEARCH OUT THE POSITIVE.  good input/inspiration, recognize happy moments, keep your (good) perspective
2.  Do something SILLY.  Every. Day.
3.  JUST DO IT (this is my reminder to not procrastinate or overthink things.  Just dive in and get it done)
4.  Give them your attention  The kids, Sam, the task at hand - whatever it is, FOCUS.
5.  Sign up for another Color Run 5k and run the whole way
6.  HEAHTY HABITS:  daily exercise/activity, healthy snacks/meals, drink water, cut back on sugar, limit screen time
7.  DANCE (see?  I told you it's calling to me.  I've really been feeling the need to make my life lighter, not so much about going and doing.  So literally and figuratively I want to remember to dance.)
8.  Show Love  (more all-encompassing than "be nice" or "be patient" - plus it works well for Feb, eh?)
Can't wait for next month!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Prepping for Valentines

I collect ideas.  All.  The. Time.  And sometimes they stay tucked away in my collection in a notebook or on a Pinterest board.  But, especially when it comes to the holidays, I do like to put a few of them into practice.  So I thought I'd share what I've picked so far.
I really loved the idea of doing a "heart attack" on the kids' bedroom doors.  To drag it out a little bit (and cut down on the Valentines Eve prep) I cut out a bunch of hearts (with my trusty Silhouette) and have been writing a compliment/loving thought or two on them every day since Feb 1st.  By the 14th they should have quite a collection.  I did a set for the husband too.  The kids have noticed and I've overheard them discussing their latest hearts, and Kaitlyn even reminded me one day that I hadn't added a heart yet.  The husband hasn't said anything LOL.

 The school does a fundraiser every year where they deliver candy grams to the kids.  This is Kaitlyn's order form - I was so happy to see that she was sending one to her brother (without any prompting from me!).  The forms have been filled out and turned in - cross it off the list! ;)

 The kids' Valentines for their classmates are all finished and waiting to take to school next week.
 Another idea from Pinterest - cute, right?  (link to inspiration post here)

 And finally, a little lunchbox love all ready to go.  (You can find the printable here)  I was happy to find enough red and pink candy in the leftovers from the New Years Pinata so I didn't have to go out and buy any - score!
I'm still not sure what I want to do for Valentines Day itself.  I have gifts and candy for the kids and a vague idea for a small gift for the husband but I'm not feeling like turning it into a huge event.  Maybe dinner out and a simple dessert like those giant Hershey Kisses made out of Rice Krispie Treats (link for that idea here).  I still have a week to think about it.  Hmm...